Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Yeti's Footprints and Hair Found in Siberian Taiga

This is a news piece that made my day.

It literally says:

After examining a piece of hair found near Azasskaya cave in Mountain Shoria (Горная Шория), which is deemed to be a habitat for Yeti, scientists concluded that there is 60-70% chance that the sample belongs to Yeti.

Mountain Shoria on Google Maps:

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The sample and its DNA were examined in labs in St. Petersburg, Moscow and USA under electronic microscope, and although "science does not allow for 100% probability", says senior researcher of the Russian Hydrometeorological University Valentin Sapunov, "it is a 95% chance that the footprints are actual Yeti's and 60-70% chance that the hair belongs to the same being. The nuclear DNA showed that the being is closer to the human rather than to a chimpanzee". There was less than 1% difference between the humans DNA and the sample, while there is a 1-1.5% difference between human's and chimpanzee's DNAs.

The article says that witnesses reported Yetis in many places in Russia including St. Petersburg and Domodedovo. Last year there was a very blurry and weird photo of a Yeti "resting on a mountain" (don't ask me to find it there for you):


In Mountain Shoria a Yeti Day is celebrated annually and its governor promised 1 million roubles for alive found Yeti.

Do you need another reason to travel to Siberia? :)

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