Saturday, June 15, 2013

Peking-Paris 2013 rally goes through Siberia

Last weekend we were on a trip to Altay and got lucky to meet the Peking-Paris 2013 Motor Challenge. It was the 12th day of the rally, the contestants had crossed the Mongolia-Russia border and were driving through Altay. We were peacefully cooking shashlyk at a small river near the road when some very exceptional vehicles started to pass by.

#6 Bentley 3-4½ 1927

#8 Bentley 4½ 1928

#12 Buick 25X 1929

#30 Chevrolet Fangio Coupe 1937

#15 Ford Model A Speedster "Betsy" 1929

#10 MG TC 1948

Weather was perfect: hot and sunny. However, there's still snow in the mountains and nights are quite chilly. And indeed, a lot of stars.

Milky way


  1. Those are great photos of the cars! How did you take them? Panning?

  2. Thank you, Robert! Yes, panning and that was pretty easy because the cars went not that fast. If you are interested, you can find more photos from that rally on my flickr:

  3. wow! I am amazed to see all these amazing vintage cars and how their owners have maintained them through the years to keep them functional. They are able to participate them in the rally.