Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Siberia Weather

Partly inspired by Jamie Monk's Phuket Weather blog, partly motivated by a chance to check in the future what weather looked like some years ago, I decided to start this Siberian weather blog.

Siberia attracts so many people because it is so far away, it is cold and pretty much unknown. There are many awkward beliefs about Siberia, its climate, traditions and people here. Being a part of Russia, Siberia can be thought of a separate land and when you travel to some distant parts of it, you feel strange when you have to speak Russian and pay in rubles.

I live in Novosibirsk and all weather updates should be around here. If you don't know, this is a third largest city in Russia and we have pretty hot summers and chilly winters. Weather is always funny here.

I plan to update this blog weekly or daily and of course I will be writing not only about weather (weather by itself is not a topic that can keep you awake for a long time). We'll discuss traveling to Siberia, taking a trans-siberian train (which is a hot topic all year round) and I'll keep you updated on what is going on here anyway.

So let's try it. And let's start it today, October 23, 2012. It was snowing for the first time after summer today. Although snow seemed to melt immediately when it touched ground, I could spot a few cars with about 5 mm of snow on them.

It must be getting colder and colder, with more precipitations, so stay tuned :)
Oh, and if you want me to cover any specific topic (i.e. how to buy a railway ticket), let me know in comments!


  1. Hi there..being a malaysia where there is 365 days a year in the summer..i have always been fasxinatedby snow..we just came back from bansko bulgaria, skiing and enjoyed the weather the most...i find your blog informative and woukd love to know more about the attractions ij siberia..and when is the best time to go there..and perhaps you could also enlighten us about the trans siberian train..have been wanting to travel across siberia frm beijing to moscow...

    1. Thank you! More info about attractions and the railway is coming! From Beijing you can take a Beijing-Moscow train that goes through a good deal of Siberia!